lunedì 15 aprile 2013

"Living Druidry" - Emma Restall Orr

"Druidry is a lifelong apprenticeship (...), creeping deep into the heart of the foxglove flower, to the blackbird who sings his ageless song to the beauty of the dusk, to the stream laughing over shifting stones, answering the call of the sea, to the sunlight reflecting golden off windows reflecting windows, to the pebble tumbled smoothed by wave upon wave, to the silent dignity of the badger padding home, to the soft flesh of a tiny mushroom pushing twigs aside, to the moon floating in silence upon the water. 

It sounds magical. Extraordinary. It's simply nature.

Perhaps more than anything, Druidry teaches us to open up our minds - the rational and the irrational - for only then can we discern the patterns, cycles and tides of nature, the energetic flows of all that exists around us and within us. It provides a language with which we can describe our perception and experience of life as something that is more than just physical, yet at the same time it doesn't require us to believe in anything that we cannot preceive or experience.

It guides us not just to aknowledge fully all we know to exist, clearly celebrating scientific discovery and intelligence, but also encourages us to accept the possibility of nature beyond that which we can perceive or prove, beyond the certainty of contemporary scientific vision: it challenges the limits of subjective and human perception, opening our minds to wider potentials. Poignantly is shows us how to accept possibility, diversity, perspectives and realities beyond our understanding, in order that we can walk thae paths of our life in harmony instead of conflict and friction.

Instead of  faith, what the tradition teaches is trust."